PRICE: $50/hour for Individual lessons |

$600/month for horse

Lessons & Training

We coach you on developing a firmer seat, feeling your horse beneath you and under your reins.

We train your horse on developing manners, collecting with you, and becoming a well-rounded,  respectful "family" member.

BREED: Welsh Pony



We don't have anything yet, but stay tuned for a Welsh Pony soon to lease for those special young ones.  Please call us if you know of Welsh Ponies for sale.


PRICE: 10%, plus travel expenses.


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."  We will help you find the horse that is meant for you based on your abilities, as well as the horses.

PRICE: $160/mth/horse

Pasture Boarding.

We offer safe and secure solar powered, braided rope electric fencing.  The foliage is lush, along with artesian river water (heated, when applicable).  We tend to your horses twice daily.   Trailer parking available.  Training arenas. Secure gated entrance.

Your Equine Destiny